Nigel Pooley


I’m in my mid-50s, married to Helena for over 30 years, and have four children aged 23 to 31 all trying to make their way in the world.   After a career including many years in education – secondary, primary and special needs – and also working for seventeen years as a diplomat, travelling the world, I moved to Cornwall in 2014 with Helena to live and work on the land and develop a smallholding, growing our own food, developing wildlife environments and also working in the community.

I love nature, working and relaxing outside, hiking and exploring.   I also love art, theatre and music of all kinds, sing and play piano and guitar. I am passionate about taking action locally, doing whatever we can to protect the environment, conserve resources and tread lightly on the planet.

I have always worked in the community in different ways in youth groups, inclusive arts/theatre, environmental/sustainability work, and currently work with the voluntary organisation A Band of Brothers Cornwall to support young men 18-25 with positive role models to help them find their way towards a more stable life.  I look forward to using my experience to engage with and support young people of all ages through White Gold Cornwall.