Support for young people across Cornwall

Sometimes you just need a helping hand

White Gold Cornwall are here to provide you with the support, space and mentoring you need to navigate life’s challenges.

At White Gold Cornwall, we offer a service which is built on your personal needs.

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What do we offer?

  • A positive dialogue with a trusted adult
  • 1:1 support- just you and your mentor, setting out your own targets and strategies in your life
  • Quality Time to talk about you -your feelings, ambitions, worries, successes….
  • Confidentiality – no feedback to anyone else unless you request it, except child protection concerns of course, which have to be followed up.
  • Advocacy – representing your views if you wish, at school , home , with agencies etc.
  • Sign-Posting- helping you to find the right kind of help if needed
  • Leisure activities-access to your non- expensive favourite activities e.g, football, walking, swimming, fishing , cycling, photography. (If you like dogs, many of our workers bring theirs along for company).

What we can help you with

At White Gold Cornwall, you are our focus. We can help you overcome the trials and challenges you face in life by providing a variety of established support services that will enable you to realise empowerment in yourself.

If your problems stem from personal feelings such as anger, anxiety and other emotions – we are here to help you to understand and regulate them so that you feel more in control.

Our experienced engagement works can offer guidance on assertiveness, so you can speak up for yourself appropriately when needed, and develop your self-esteem and self -confidence with others and in life generally.

Sometimes problems can arise in relationships – we are here to help you to make and keep good friends, and can sensitively discuss any domestic violence issues with you, helping victims at risk regardless of gender.

If you would like to plan a future for yourself but are not too sure where to start, we have a wealth of careers advice expertise in our team that can prepare you for applying for further education , jobs, and other avenues of personal development.

We also offer advice and guidance on matters such as financial management, debt, personal budgeting, accommodation and other essential aspects of a productive life.

Our drugs and alcohol guidance can help you make healthy decisions in life. We can also give you advice so you can avoid or stay out of trouble with the police.

Whether you are looking for general life guidance or more urgently looking to make a fresh start after bad experiences, we are here to help and are only a phone call or email away.

How we've helped

I am so pleased and feel very lucky to have been allocated such incredible support workers for my daughter. They are both wonderful with her and she is very happy. I was very worried about how things would go and I am delighted. Both ladies are so highly skilled in behavioural difficulties and have excellent management techniques.

— Parent