Support for organisations working with young people

Giving young people the help they need

Often, as an organisation that works with young people, you are required to access other agencies that can give individuals the personal support and guidance that they need.

At White Gold Cornwall we offer a service which is built on the personal needs of each young person.

Support we offer:

  • Trusted Mentors
  • 1:1 Support
  • Confidentiality
  • Advocacy
  • Sign-Posting
  • Leisure Activities
  • Postive anger/behaviour strategies
  • Healthy decision making e.g. drugs/alcohol support

How we work

Established since 2003, White Gold Cornwall provides on-to-one mentoring for individual young people, addressing a wide range of issues.

Many of these children and young adults have personal needs including

  • Vulnerability or being at risk
  • Having a low Self -Concept and confidence
  • Presenting challenging behaviour and social skills
  • Exclusion or at risk of being excluded from education
  • Only being able to access part-time education
  • Experiencing difficulties at home or/and in the community

Being involved or at risk of being involved in criminal activity.

Our team have a wide range of professional qualifications, skills and experience and we pride ourselves in ensuring that the best possible worker is chosen to assist. It should however be noted that we are not counsellors.

An essential element of our work involves building a trusting and non-judgemental relationship through regular sessions which are tailored to address individuals needs. It is this that is the core of our work and why we are able to help so many.

As an organisation you are welcome to refer a young person to us. We ask that you complete a Referral Form (available from this website), informing us of the requirements and needs of the young person. Further contact between both parties will then help us to put together an appropriate and suitable support plan. Throughout, communication will be with one of our Operational Managers, themselves having both worked as Support Workers in the community.

Prior to the one-to-one mentoring commencing, an Engagement Agreement is signed to ensure that both agencies follow and have a clear understanding of their role. Likewise, the family/carers of those under 18years are informed and they too must consent to the service before it commences.

Referring agencies and organisations are responsible for funding the support as clarified on the Engagement Agreement Form. Payment is based on an hourly rate although mileage and subsistence/activities may need to be considered. This can be discussed during the initial stage and is often dependable on both the needs of the young person and finances available.

We ask Support Workers to complete regular Engagement Updates for each individual and these are forwarded to the referring agency. We will also do our utmost to attend care meetings should parties feel that this is beneficial.

How we've helped

I am so pleased and feel very lucky to have been allocated such incredible support workers for my daughter. They are both wonderful with her and she is very happy. I was very worried about how things would go and I am delighted. Both ladies are so highly skilled in behavioural difficulties and have excellent management techniques.

— Parent