Andy Davies

Hi, my name is Andy. I moved to Cornwall in June 2022, having previously spent my life living in Gloucester. Since moving down here, I have started a photography business and also have been running an online life coaching business since 2021. Previously, I started in banking straight from sixth form, then moved into estate agency where I spent 16 years, finishing in 2020. I was also a private landlord between 2019 & 2022.

I want to help people to oil those cogs that get a little jammed as they move through life. We all should help one another to live the most fulfilling lives; helping, advising and guiding those who lack the knowledge and experience to move forward. Sometimes, they know the answers but lack the confidence to engage with  overcoming the obstacle; others need to be shown the way. My philosophy is, if it can be communicated, organised and planned, anything is achievable.