Mark Roberts

So I’m Mark, married to my lovely wife, Serena, for what seems like a life time. We have two beautiful young ladies, of course I’m biased. We also have our family dog called Zaya (Zaya the worrier)!

I have always lived in Cornwall and absolutely love it here, I only wish I had more time to explore everything we have around us. Maybe once I semi-retire in 9 years time (I’m not counting!).

I’ve been in retail for many years, in fact 33. I’ve managed many branches in and around Cornwall, and had a great career out of it. I guess, being in the community, you would say I’ve really been in the thick of these challenging times we are all facing. To me, White Gold supports and helps tackle some of those issues and its massive help for Cornwall.

I’ve joined as a trustee to gain knowledge and further my own development. I only hope I can contribute and add value to what’s is an already amazing team at White Gold