Richard Bennet

I was lucky to move to Cornwall at the age of fourteen with my parents and have loved living and working in the county. I am a mechanical engineer by trade and specifically a machinist. I have worked in several companies within Cornwall, both as a shop floor machinist working my way through to Plant Manager at Invensys climate controls in Bodmin. In 2004 I joined Rigibore Ltd in Hayle, which is a Cornish family owned engineering firm producing special boring tools for manufacturing components in many different sectors, including aerospace, automotive and green energy. We have sales offices in the USA and India selling our products and I am proud to be the Production Director working for my now father in law Roger Bassett.

I was asked to become a member of the White Gold trustees committee and, after researching the charity to find out what it was all about, I decided to become a member to help and support such a worthy cause with such a professional and committed team of employees, who deliver a supportive service which unfortunately is becoming more and more in need for young people today.

In my spare time, I like PC gaming, biking, hiking and being out and about as much as possible.