Mayar Akash

I grew up in East London, Bethnal Green, Spitalfields and Whitechapel. I got involved with the local voluntary charities that provided activities for the local children and the community and went to school and where my year was the first ones to take the GCSE exams and went on to college to do Btec Diploma in General Art & Design.

I was never away from the youth club who provided me with activities and entertainment, a place of socialising and social learning along with trips and rewards.  I grew in the youth service and then went on to become a volunteer and then into Sessional work, got trained up and continued working my way up in the voluntary sector.

For 30 years I didn’t venture away from youth work and went on to hold many positions for London Borough of Tower Hamlet Council’s Youth & Community Service. I recognised that I did a full cycle/circle in the youth service.  I have many varied experiences and in 2018 I relocated to Penzance. I stepped out to pursue my other side of life: the writer, poetry and a painter, publisher; I pursued publishing and helped many adults in publishing their work as well as their books and will do until I can’t type no more. So, I never stopped championing but know and recognise that I removed myself from serving the young people, where my roots are, and where I started from.